Stil Informatique, an authorized drop-off point of the EPRA-Québec for electronic products recycling


Your electronic products have reached their useful life? You are concerned about the environmental issues associated with e-waste? Stil Informatique now contributes to the recovery of electronic waste as an official member of the EPRA-Québec program. Indeed, Stil Informatique is now an authorized drop-off point. Therefore, you can recycle your old electronics FREE OF CHARGE by dropping them in our store.

The Electronic Products Recycling Association of Quebec (EPRA-Québec) is a non-profit organization recognized by RECYC-QUÉBEC as a responsible program for the recovery and recycling of electronic products.

Why Recycle Electronics?

Quebec generates thousands of tons of electronic waste annually. The accumulation of e-waste in landfills can have very serious environmental issues. Indeed, the vast majority of electronic products contain toxic components that can cause health and pollution problems. In addition, the materials contained in computers, televisions, telephones and other electronic devices can be recycled and reused in the fabrication of new products.

Electronic Products Recycling Process

The products are first collected from Stil Informatique or any other authorized drop-off point. They are then sorted and sent to an EPRA-approved recycling facility where recyclable materials such as glass, plastic and metal can be transformed into new products. Moreover, electronic components with toxic substances are removed and managed to the highest environmental standards. For more information on responsible recycling visit

Still Informatique: Authorized Drop-off Point

We are proud of our partnership with EPRA-Québec and invite you to recycle your old electronics by dropping them at Stil Informatique. We accept all types of electronic products, even those that were not purchased from our store. The list of accepted electronics includes computers, keyboards, tablets, conventional phones, cell phones, stereos, printers, GPS systems, etc. For the full list of accepted electronics, visit the following link:

If you want to dispose of your electronic products that are still functional, we encourage you to help protect the environment by giving them a second life with your loved ones or local charities.

For more information, please contact us.